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Why an Online MBA?

What is an MBA?

An MBA, or Master of Business Administration (MBA), is a post-graduate level degree awarded to business students across the world. MBA programs tend to take place over the space of one to two years of study at an educational institution. Receiving an executive MBA from a top business school gives you an advantage over the competition and puts you at the forefront of your chose field as the advanced business knowledge taught in an MBA program blend with your personal experiences to give you a unique perspective. MBAs are also valuable grounds for a promotion and/or a raise.

Benefits of an MBA

Graduates of MBA programs learn about the theory and practical aspects of business administration and develop the advanced business and management skills necessary to move to the next level in their careers. The chief transferable skills gained in an MBA program include leadership, teamwork, persuasion, analysis, communication, dedication, quality performance, basic IT, cross-cultural awareness maturity, practicality, motivation, decisiveness, fact-finding, organization, and independence. Employers also recognize that MBA recipients have already proven their ability to solve problem and overcome barriers as well as manage their time and use logic in arguments. An MBA shows employers that you have a superior skill set that makes you

The MBA is at the top of the list of the most sought after degrees in the world due to its unparalleled value in the business world in a wide range of intersecting fields. MBA degrees are recognized worldwide and considered as a significant step towards a successful business management career. This site is dedicated to offering you a selection of MBA degree programs online.

An online MBA degree program will help you achieve distinction. Develop the skills and knowledge to become an effective business leader within all areas of the business enterprise and rise through the ranks in your career. What can an MBA do for you? In addition to increasing the number of jobs you are qualified for and as a result increasing your earning potential.

  • Develop a working knowledge of the key concepts of strategic resource management, managerial finance, marketing management, operations management, and strategic management.
  • Enhance problem solving, critical and creative thinking, and writing and oral communication skills – all of which are extremely important at the executive level.
  • Learn about and apply the key concepts from primary functional areas of business management.
  • Acquire the critical and creative thinking skills to identify business problems and recommend implementable solutions that meet business objectives while demonstrating an understanding of the process involved in solving business problems and making sound business decisions.
  • Gain the ability to persuasively and effectively present written and verbal proposals.
  • Follow the principles of effective communication when writing reports and making oral presentations.

Advantages of an Online MBA

An MBA can be a very valuable tool. It may seem as though getting a traditional education sometimes disrupts life to the point that the value of the MBA is diminished. That is why online MBAs take your schedule and busy lifestyle into consideration and are offered in a distance learning format. The online programs discussed on this site are delivered in an innovative online format. Learn from the convenience of your home or office, at any time of day or night, while maintaining continuous communication with faculty and fellow students. Below are some of the benefits of e-learning.

Flexible scheduling – Distance learning is designed for busy professionals like you. You plan your study time around your schedule and work at your own pace. The program is based on an innovative, asynchronous model so you are free to set your own schedule. Your instructor outlines the requirements of each course so you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare.

Accessible resources – All printed material and text books are conveniently delivered to your home before the start of each course. Our extensive online library and resource center are available to students from the comfort of your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Many students report that using an online library is easier and more convenient than searching through a traditional library.

Timely responses – You’re accustomed to the fast-paced business world. With just a click, you can send questions, responses, and comments to professors, small group instructors, fellow students, and program managers. Faculty and staff will respond in a timely manner.

Intimate classes – students are grouped into cohorts whereby you progress through the program in a small group of 12 to 15 fellow students. This ensures that you are part of a community of your peers, a community that provides support, challenges your knowledge, and encourages debate. The cohort system offers a networking opportunity that often endures beyond the confines and the program into your career.

Individual attention – because the virtual classes are so small, you receive individual attention from faculty and small group instructors. They are experienced business professionals who understand today’s corporate world and they are also trained in online instruction. Your small group instructor facilitates the learning community of students engaging in discussions on current issues, projects, and case studies.

Sharpened skills – you will have ample opportunity to express your ideas and opinions, learn from the varied points of view of your classmates and professors, and develop persuasive communication skills. In an online MBA program, you use the discussion board to communicate with your classmates and professors regarding assignments, projects, tests, and requests for assistance. You will likely notice that your writing skills improve over the course of the program.